still pain

I’m sorry friends.

Daylight savings time has kept me sleepy for weeks. It doesn’t help that it’s been overcast most days and I feel like I never quite wake up all the way.

I’ve been doing things – nothing important, but things anyway – but I just haven’t got the motivation to write about them. Nothing interesting, at least.

Today I met with an orthopedic physical therapist. He came by our gym to do assessments to help our head coach figure out where we needed work, mobility-wise. I think that’s why he came, anyway. All I wanted from him was to check out my knee. Since I don’t have health insurance, I need to get things done as cheaply as possible, and today’s session was free. It turns out he wasn’t there to really help individually, though, and I kind of feel like I wasted my time. We went through a short battery of tests (hold this bar here and squat as deeply as you can, put your feet here and do a lunge while keeping your back upright, etc.) and then he graded us. I did very well on almost everything, but I still failed the overall test (I got a 13 out of 21… 14 is the lowest “passing” score).

Why did I fail?

Because, more than a month after the initial injury, my fucking knee still hurts. Pain in any area is an automatic zero.¬†Anyway, whatever. I failed. Then I asked what I could do about my knee, and… he did not help at all. I asked “Ice? Compression? Stretching?” and he just said “Well, you might just want to go light for a while.”


That’s what I’ve been doing for a month and still pain. Still pain.

At least he did give me a diagnosis about what the likely problem is. I have a meniscus “tweak”. Yes, he used the word tweak. He did express surprise that it had been a month since I hurt myself, with minimal improvement since then, but didn’t offer any suggestions. He also thought it was great that my mobility was excellent everywhere else (ankles and hips, especially) since knee pain often translates into hip or ankle problems. So I’m lucky in that aspect at least. Now I guess I get to search “meniscus knee pain” and hope Dr. Google has some recommendations.

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  1. Well that sucks. As someone who put off the doc for months (for the same reason), I hope you do go if things don’t improve soon.

    • domesticnovice

       /  November 15, 2013

      I keep hoping that it’ll sort itself out. If not by January, when hopefully my health insurance will kick in, I’ll have to see someone. Today I did about four wallballs and couldn’t do any more. I subbed for push presses. I feel like I’m going backwards sometimes.

  2. So sorry to hear that you’re still having issues. Sending some healing thoughts your way – you’ve worked so hard to get strong and in shape! :-/


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