house hunting: part 2

I didn’t expect to do any more viewings so quickly. I assumed we wouldn’t really look at anything until after the new year, when life got a little quieter and more houses went on the market. I didn’t expect anything to move so quickly.

Today at about 2pm, I took a break from work and checked the new listings. There was one in a little town just south of where we are now. It’s farther from work than I’d like to be, but everything we looked at will be pretty far from work anyway, so I may as well get used to it. It’s in the same neighborhood as the Little Old Lady house that we looked at before, within easy walking distance to a park. The pictures were all nice, it was a good size and it was well within our budget. So I called our realtor and asked if we could see it. He suggested we go ahead and look at it today, so we wouldn’t have to wait over the weekend to make an offer if we wanted to do that. I didn’t think we’d be making any offers, but I agreed, today sounded as good as any other day.

So we met at the house at 6:30pm. I got there first and wandered around the back yard. About 1/3 of an acre. Nice. Fenced in with a wooden shed and some trees. A nice deck. Went around to the front and sat on the porch swing.

When the realtor got there, he let me in and I wandered around the house. Built-in shelves in the living room. Big enough for our huge couch. HUGE master suite, probably enough room for our king sized bed and probably some extra furniture, too. Dressers and a vanity and maybe even a small couch. Seriously huge. Two sinks in the bathroom, perfect. Then the husband showed up and we looked together. Two other bedrooms. One good for an office, the other very small but decent as a guest room. Kitchen with good flow and a space large enough for our dining room table.

Frankly, we loved it. It’s not perfect. It’s still pretty small. There’s a doggy door in the back door that we’ll have to replace. Some of the windows don’t have screens. The master bedroom is far too large and the other two bedrooms are far too small. But we loved it anyway.

So we put in an offer. They have until 5pm tomorrow to accept, reject or counter. I’ll let you know what happens.

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  1. Oh, good luck, sounds like it might be the right fit!


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