house hunting: part 3

We found a house we liked and made an offer on Thursday night. They had until Friday at 5pm to accept, reject or counter. I waited and waited, going more and more nuts, minute by minute, all day Friday. Finally, at around 430pm on Friday, the realtor emailed me to let me know… that our offer had been rejected. No reason given, no counter, nothing. Just flat out rejected.

Funny thing? We offered list price. It wasn’t worth list price, but we offered list price if the seller would pick up closing costs (which would bring it to almost exactly what the house is worth). He didn’t even give a reason, which is inexcusably rude, in my opinion. (And don’t bother telling me that the seller doesn’t owe me an explanation, I’m going to go on feeling like he was rude because it makes me feel better.)

I’m a little heartbroken. But maybe it’ll be for the best. We have some very good friends who just contracted on a house. Made an offer the same day as us, but theirs was accepted. We saw pictures tonight. It’s huge and gorgeous. Seriously beautiful. I have to admit that I’m very jealous, and I’m trying very hard not to be.

We probably won’t look again in earnest until after the new year. My school loan payments are changing, because my job changed last year. They’re going up. So we need to see what we can comfortably afford before continuing on with the house purchasing thing. Right now, my payments are set to increase to around $4,300 a month starting in January. Yes, you read that right. I sent in my updated income information, though, and I’m hoping that it goes back down a bit. If not, I may have to leave the country.

So, back to the beginning, only we’re even worse off than before because of the school loan situation. How very depressing.

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  1. $4,300 a MONTH?? Holy shit, how are you not crapping your pants?! How on earth do they even calculate a reasonable payment amount?

    • domesticnovice

       /  December 9, 2013

      It ends up being reevaluated every year to a more manageable amount. I’m not sure if we caught the notice in time to have it reevaluated before January’s payment comes due, though. I just send them my income information and they tell me what they think I can afford to pay.

      I try not to think about it most days, to avoid the pants-crapping anxiety.

      And this, lads and ladies, is why you do not go to law school unless you have a full scholarship.


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